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5 of the best seasonal autumn fruit & veg

The weather has just started to change in the UK, going from the glorious

sunny days we’ve experienced this year and moving more towards the rainy

days we’re used to.

But just because the weather’s nasty outside doesn’t mean you can’t have a

great time when indoors, especially if you decide to cook up a feast for you

and the rest of the family.

Seasonal fruit and veg is one of the most amazing ingredients you can cook

with, so if you want to produce some hearty family favourites this autumn,

try cooking with these options:

Although you can buy them in supermarkets throughout the year, the

season for apples is in autumn and this means they taste best when grown

in their comfort zone. From apple pie to pork and apple sausages, there are

a huge number of recipes that call for apples, and you’ll be able to find all

kinds of varieties to get your taste buds tingling.


This vegetable is a firm favourite in most households and is the go-to option

for a lot of dinners. Whether it’s used in recipes or served as a side dish,

broccoli can complete a meal like no other vegetable.

Brussels Sprouts

While they aren’t always popular, these little guys ought to be revered.

Often only thought of as an accompaniment to Christmas dinners, Brussels

sprouts taste great throughout the autumn months and are a great addition

to any meal.


Whether you use it to make cauliflower cheese, broccoli and cauliflower

soup or curried cauliflower for a delicious side, this simple vegetable is

always popular. It’s incredibly diverse as well – add a few spices and herbs

here or there and you’ll come out with an incredible meal that’s absolutely

out of this world!


Now is the time to start making your own cranberry sauce and cranberry

juice to really impress your family and friends. Or, you could just eat this

fruit raw and enjoy its tart, sweet flavour. Enjoy!

As you can see, there are more than enough fruits and vegetables for you

to choose from this season, and home-cooked food always tastes best when

you use seasonal ingredients.

Which do you think you’ll be cooking with first?

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