The Pate and Wine Company


Luxurious Duck & Hunter Gin Parfait

Succulent duck liver sautéed in fresh double cream and a generous glug of Premium Cheshire Hunter Gin
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The Paté and Wine Company is a Cheshire-based company that’s famous for producing some of the finest homemade patés.

We guard our homegrown recipes, as they’re one of a kind and are the secret to our success. Using locally-sourced ingredients and delicious combinations of traditional foods, we’re able to create food of a restaurant quality, but without the high price tag attached.

If you’d like to find out more about our flavourful patés, take a look around the website, and remember to check out our blog to read up on the latest goings-on at the company.

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Luxurious Duck & Hunter Gin Parfait

Duck and chicken liver sauteed in fresh double cream with a glug of Cheshire’s premium Hunters Gin &
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